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Dear Romania traveller,

Our website www.paspoortroemenie.nl (translated as passport Romania) is primarily aimed at a Dutch speaking audience. Nevertheless, on request we will publish on this page some useful documents for non-Dutch speakers in English. If you have any request for information to be put on our website, please send us an e-mail.

Drum bun, have a good trip!

Overnight staying

As a special service for English speaking viewers we translated our brochures about overnight staying in English:

Brochure campings in Romania (English) () ()
Brochure of Bed & Breakfast addresses in villages in the countryside (English) () (). You have to contact the mentioned address by e-mail or telephone. The contact person will bring you to the pension.

We also made two lists with B&B-addresses:
List 1 The pensions were started with help from Holland or Belgium (English) () ()
List 2 Pensions which were visited by us ourselves or by very good friends (English) () ()

Since 2011 we put pensions where you can stay for a longer period in a folder called Holiday Homes (English) () ()

For those who like to stay in a hostel we refer to our list of hostels (Dutch) () ()

Please use some links from others with B&B addresses:
www.antrec.ro (English)
www.siebenbuerger.de/sbz/landundleute/reise.html/#1 (German)
www.ruraltourisme.ro (Romanian)

Reservation forms

If you would like to (or must) make a reservation using Romanian or Hungarian language, use the following documents:



Small Romanian list of words

Days of the week from Monday to Sunday:
luni - marti - miercuri - joi - vineri - sâmbata - dumineca
Months :
Ianuarie - februarie - martie - aprilie - mai - iunie - iulie - august - septembrie - octombrie- noiembrie - decembrie

Small Hungarian list of words

Days of the week from Monday to Sunday:
hétfö - kedd - szerda - csütörtök - péntek - szombat - vasárnap
Months of the year:
január - február - március - április - május - június - július - augusztus - szeptember - október - november - december


Do you know our photo site, with photos from many parts of Romania? The pictures are arranged by county (judet). Just click the judet where you want to see photos from.
Our photos may only be used with our permission. See www.ldd.dds.nl/index.htm.